Our Approach



At ILT, we respect the individuality of every client. Whether a sole proprietor, small firm, or large corporation, we work with you to orchestrate a comprehensive solution for your training and development needs.

Our approach focuses on 4 aspects:

  • client needs
  • market intelligence
  • proven design principles
  • user needs

Client Needs:

Our first step is to meet with the client to find out what they do, who they are, likes and dislikes, etc. We then work to identify the needs of the client. This is generally done through discussions, document review, market analysis, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and brainstorming sessions. We work to ensure a high return on investment for all the projects we complete.

Marketing Intelligence:

Once we have identified the client's needs, we conduct a comprehensive review of the market and research what specific concepts, features, or ideas would be most beneficial for your project.

One method of analysis is termed benchmarking which involves identifying specific items, procedures, tasks, etc., at which others excel, and then incorporating these features into your project. For example, one corporation might excel at customer satisfaction, another at handling complaints, another at product tracking, and still another at product distribution. The "perfect" corporation would incorporate all of these excellent features to develop the most effective and beneficial overall company.

Proven Design Principles:

Much research has been done in the field of design (instructional design, web-site design, and graphic design). At ILT, we take precautions to ensure that what we design takes into account all of these principles.

User Needs:

We take a user-centered approach to ensure that what we develop meets the needs of your customers. There are certain principles which we consider such as the amount of control the user has for navigation, pace of viewing or learning, the amount of "noise" which may be distracting to the user, ease of use, and motivational factors.


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