Performance Consulting

Performance Engineering involves an analysis of performance goals (the desired performance) and of performance practices (current performance) to determine if a gap exists. If a gap does exist, ILT will identify the best method for cost-effective, efficient resolution to minimize or eliminate the gap.

The analysis involves numerous approaches including:

  • interviews with key personnel and stakeholders,
  • document review,
  • surveys,
  • observation, and
  • evaluation of equipment, tools and environment

Prior to selecting a resolution, it is essential to identify the root cause of performance problems. Otherwise, what you believe to be a solution will only be a band-aid or it may have no effect on the performance issue at all.

Resolution can take many forms including:

  • human resource recommendations:
    • incentives
    • organizational re-structuring
    • periodic performance review measurements
    • modification of job strategies
    • modification of pay scales
  • development of policies protocols, standing operating procedures, job aids, etc.
  • training solutions:
    • development of new training programs
    • modification of existing programs
    • transforming current training into computer-based training or web-based training
    • development of job aids (check lists, performance sheets, skills sheets)

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