Technology Driven Learning

Advances in technology have forever changed the way in which training is accomplished. There are numerous alternatives to the traditional classroom method of delivery. Prior to selecting the delivery method, It is important to consider the training content, target audience, and available resources. ILT can help you determine if an alternative method of learning is a "better" method of delivery.

We say "better" because there are many factors which determine if one method of delivery is more advantageous than another. For example, web-based learning will most likely significantly decrease the annual cost of training. This is due to factors such as reduced over-time pay for employees to take the training, decrease in instructional personnel to present training programs, reduced employee orientation time, and other factors.

However, if the lesson contact is based on a hands-on skill, web-based learning may not be "better", but rather a traditional classroom session with demonstrations, simulations, and practice sessions may be preferred. While some demonstration skills can be delivered through on-line learning through the use of audio and video segments, this is often limited to a "refresher" type situation. Skills are predominately learned and refined through repetitious practice.

To some, cost is the primary concern, to others it is the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired level of learning, and for others it is end result of learning or the ability to transfer the learning to the workplace setting. At ILS, it is usually a combination of these factors which drive our projects. Whatever your concern, we are confident that we have the training solution.

At ILT, we can design and develop the most beneficial, cost-effective, dynamic, and motivational training project. Whether designing a university-based undergraduate or graduate for credit course, a product specific consumer training package, "how-to" training, annual refresher training, or an employee in-service, we will incorporate educationally sound learning principles with technological advances to develop the best product for your needs.

ILT specializes in the following technology driven delivery methods:

  • distance learning (the instructor in one area and the student in another)
  • satellite based training (the instructor in one area and students in one or multiple areas locally or world-wide, with training conducted over a satellite such as with video conferencing)
  • web-based training (training available over the internet to students world-wide, anytime, anyplace, and at their own pace)
  • computer-based-training (individualized, usually step-by-step training provided via a personal computer or intranet usually delivered on a CD-ROM)

Technological advances have allowed us to create a virtual classroom which can decrease the amount of time necessary to achieve the desired learning, without reducing the amount of learning taking place. The incorporation of video clips, audio segments, graphics, tables, charts, and the like have made the possibilities endless. At ILT, we will work with you to develop highly effective, state of the art training projects.

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