The field of technology is advancing on a daily basis. At ILT, we work to keep abreast of the what advances are beneficial for the projects we develop. Current technology we utilize includes:

  • the internet and intranet,
  • digitized video,
  • digitized audio,
  • digital photos,
  • scanners,
  • CD generators,
  • the satellite,
  • simulations, and
  • various software programs.

Internet / Intranet:

The internet is the world-wide web which is accessible to individuals around the world. An intranet is a closed networking system which is set up within a specific environment, such as an office, organization, etc.

The internet can provide instant access to up-to-date information. The number of people who have internet access worldwide increases on a daily basis. It is has become one of the most common methods of advertising and marketing. It has also given rise to wide dissemination of education through distance learning programs.

Information provided via the internet can be easily modified, thereby resulting in presentation of the most current material. An web-site can track the number of "hits" or times someone visits a site. An on-line catalog can be linked to inventory databases, providing instant access to searches and photos of items.

For web-sites who feature travel, recreation, vacation sites, etc., we can incorporate a link on a web site to show the current date and weather conditions for a specific area.

The internet also allows us to conduct in-depth research on generally any topic, ensuring that content and features included in a project are all-inclusive.

The number of features available via the internet are endless. If you can think it, we can do it.

Digitized Video:

ILT has a production studio which has the ability to convert videotapes into digitized video. Digitized video can be played back via a computer and can, therefore, be incorporated into web-sites, computer-based training, web-based training, presentations, and the like.

We also have the ability to create digital video from scratch. Whatever your video needs, ILS has the equipment available for production.

Digitized Audio:

At ILT, we can create audio clips such as music, technical sounds such as error messages, heart sounds, etc., jingles, sound effects, or informational content for delivery via the computer or internet.

Digital Photos:

We can generate digital images which are of an excellent quality. These photos can then be inserted into web-pages, catalogs, and print-based materials such as job-aids, brochures, and procedure manuals. Our equipment consists of zoom lenses and micro-lenses which allow us to take quality photos from as close as 2 inches or from a distance.


Our production studio has equipment necessary to scan text and graphics. As such, we can easily transfer print-based information, such as policies and procedures, and place them into a different format such as on a web-site or into a CBT programs.


With the use of a satellite, it is now possible to decrease the cost of training by having an instructor conduct training from one location with participants in one or more locations. This decreases the need to send employees or clients to various locations to receive necessary training.

E-mail, Chat Rooms and Bulletin Boards:

The internet provides numerous methods of communication between clients, employees, and vendors.


Simulations allow us to provide training in environments which would otherwise be difficult, such as when it would be too expensive, too dangerous, or too time-consuming. Simulations can also be very valuable for providing repetitious practice of skills.

Software Programs:

Our developers are experienced with the following software programs and programming languages:

  • HTML
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Visual Basic
  • Assymetrix™ Toolbook
  • Macromedia™ Director
  • Macromedia™ Flash
  • Macromedia™ Fireworks
  • Microsoft™ Office 2000
  • Corel™ Web Master Suite
  • U-lead™ Gif Animator
  • U-lead™ PhotoImpact
  • Corel™ Draw
  • Adobe™ Illustrator
  • Corel™ Word Perfect Suite


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