Traditional Learning

Traditional learning generally involves interaction between a participant and an instructor. Many companies utilize this form of training. In order to be effective, however, traditional learning must be developed in a manner consistent with learning theories and practices.

Research has shown that adult learning is most effective when students understand the relevance of the material to their own lives and that case studies and "real-world" scenarios can help illustrate difficult concepts. Our design team works to incorporate this type of research into the development of training programs in order to increase its effectiveness.

At ILT, we can develop a comprehensive training program including:


  • curriculum development
  • participant packets
  • instructor materials (lesson plans, evaluations, handouts, etc.)
  • role plays, exercises, and simulations as appropriate for the lesson content
  • job aids as appropriate
  • multimedia integration throughout the program

In addition, our team is experienced in technical writing and developing training manuals. From start to finish, we can develop a comprehensive package to meet all your training needs.

Our staff will work with you to develop traditional classroom training programs which are highly effective at resolving any performance issue. With traditional learning, we focus on making the learning environment as much like the work environment as possible. This enhances the transfer of learning by the participant from the classroom to the job, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training program.

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