Web Site Design & Development

A corporate web site should portray the image the company wants to promote. By understanding our clients' business and customers, we are able to incorporate your style and philosophy into every aspect of a web site.

Our development team will survey the competition and research for areas of excellence from which to benchmark. We will analyze trends in design, navigation, user interface and technology, to ensure up-to-date features in your site.

At ILT, we work closely with each client to ensure that the company's personality is reflected in the design of a web-site. From the selection of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and images, we consult with you to design the perfect web-site to meet your individualized needs.

During the design and development of a web site, we are careful not to get pulled in by all the gimmicks available on the WWW. While a gimmich might attract a user the first time, at ILT we know that it is the site's features, usability, and content that will keep viewers at the site and keep them coming back. Often the best sites are the simple ones. We do, however, offer many special effects which will make your site more appealing and fun for viewers.

During the development phase, we ensure that the elements of the web site architecture and page design adhere to principles and practices which will ensure user attraction, navigation abilities, and aesthetics. We maintain a balance between user needs and business objectives. A user-centered approach allows us to integrate concepts in a manner most beneficial for the end user - your customers.

Prior to launching a web-site, we place it through rigorous beta testing to ensure that all key elements are functioning properly and that the site meets the goals and objectives identified at the start of the project.

The selection of features included in a web-site will depend on each client's needs. Some elements might include:

  • a catalog of services or products
  • search abilities
  • animation
  • flow charts
  • simulation
  • links to references or outside sources
  • on-line training sessions
  • a company profile
  • biographies of key personnel
  • a client list
  • audio features
  • video clips
  • on-line catalogs
  • graphics and photos
  • on-line tests

The finished product can be hosted by our server, launched to an external internet server, or delivered on CD-ROM with a hard page copy of all pages and a detailed index of the site.

ILT does offer web site hosting and can also perform strategic maintenance of your web site to ensure that the site retains its competitive edge. This might include:

  • on-going intelligence of technology advances and user needs,
  • quarterly competitive reviews,
  • traffic reports,
  • content revision,
  • design updates, and/or
  • verification of active links.


Due to the demand for web site design, development, and hosting services, ILT has formed a separate division for its web site services. Visit the web site division homepage at: http://www.integrated-learning.com/www

Don't forget to check out our portfolio of special effects!

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